Cobwebbing: Out with the old and in with the new.

John Doe
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Moving on from a past relationship can be hard, especially in those moments when a certain song ,a post on instagram or even a familiar perfume bring the past rushing back in.

All dating advisors emphasise the importance of allowing room and time to grieve an old love.

However, being stuck in the past can surely negatively affect your chances of a fresh beginning.

Datingand relationship coach Frances Kelleher, insists that “staying in the past can be a real hindrance to single people as she believes that 80% of finding the right person is getting the wrong people out of the way”. She is quoted saying, “ I dealt with people that have had a person in and out of their life for over a decade and it’s the biggest waste of time for you,” explaining that staying in touch with an ex will likely take up both emotional and mental energy.

So, what’s the best way to move away from past relationships and give a chance to a new date?

Apparently Cobwebbing is the answer!

Cobwebbing is the act of removing anything that reminds you of an old relationship, similar to the way you would clear out cobwebs in your home.

 Getting rid of anything that reminds you of the past relationship will help you be more present and move towards your future with a clean slate. 

This original context for cobwebbing revolves around clearing out old clutter, physically and emotionally, that a previous partner left behind. Whether you’re beginning a new relationship or you just need clarity before getting back in the dating game, this will help you declutter your emotional space, and also physically clear out your home at the same time.

Belongings:You can start by collecting anything that belongs to your ex and boxing it up. You might want to keep some items if you use them often.

Texts: Delete their texts. Although going over messages may give you a sense of clarity or induce momentary warm feelings, at the end of the day they keep you occupied with a dead end situation and it’s just wasting your time. 

Social Media: Unfollow Unfollow Unfollow!

Common friends: Unfortunately, sometimes these friends can be the link that doesn’t allow you to make a proper split from the past. You may have to really distance yourself until you properly heal from a break.

Letting go of a any relationship that is no good for you and giving yourself the opportunity to start anew is empowerment at its highest. So, get to cobwebbing!