Spotting a narcissist on the first date, now that’s a skill to cultivate! Especially challenging even for the most intuitive of us, since narcissists are masters in initial presentations, coming out as charming and charismatic.
Keep an eye out for these signs, my friend, and you might just save yourself some trouble:

1. “Me, Myself, and I”: If they can’t stop talking about their own amazingness, it’s a clue they might be a “me-monster.” Narcissists often dominate conversations and steer them towards themselves, their achievements, their talents, their personal qualities without showing genuine interest in learning about you.

2. Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? Narcissists might seem attentive on first sight, however when you look closer or rather when you listen more attentively you will realize that lack of empathy is their downfall. If they’re not interested in your side of the story, or when they ask yet have no patience to listen then it’s time to worry.

3. “I deserve it all”: Entitlement is their middle name: Watch out for those who expect special treatment or think they’re above the rest. If they expect the world on a silver platter, it’s time to scatter!

4. Tall tales and brags: Beware of their grandiose sagas. If their stories seem too good to be true or they constantly boast about their achievements, tread carefully. If they’re the hero in every story, it’s time to get going.

5. Smooth operator or master manipulator? Beware of their charm and ability to twist situations to their advantage. If they’re pulling strings and making you feel like a puppet, it’s time to cut it. If they can do that on initial dates, imagine what it will be like when you are deep into the relationship.

6. Admiration addiction: Narcissists thrive on constant praise and attention, making it all about them. They need constant applause, it’s their obsession clause. If they can’t get enough, it might be rough.

7. Boundaries? What boundaries? If they show little regard for personal space or ask invasive questions, it’s a sign of their lack of boundaries. So, if they’re crossing lines and making you go “whoa,” it’s time to say “no!”

8. Attention, please! They crave the spotlight with all their might. Narcissists thrive on being the center of attention. They may interrupt or redirect conversations to refocus it on themselves. If it’s NOT all about them, it cannot be for anyone else.

Remember, these signs aren’t foolproof, but if your gut says something’s not right, trust your instinct and take flight.
Happy dating, my friend, and may you find someone who’s a true gem in the end!