To describe yourself as single and in search of a relationship is almost too simple of a label in 2023. Since social media and dating apps have taken over the dating scene, our behaviour towards dating has totally changed. Even the language we use to describe where we are at, as far as our relationship status is concerned, has taken a different turn.
So if you are a new kid on the block in the dating scene, then here is a glossary of some of the most popular words and phrases you should be familiar with!

1.Vibe check: Assessing the compatibility and chemistry between two people before pursuing a romantic relationship.
2.Ghostbusting: The act of confronting and calling out someone who has ghosted (suddenly stopped communicating with) you in a dating context.
3.Textrovert: A person who is typically introverted in person but becomes more expressive and outgoing through text messages.
4.Love bombing: Overwhelming someone with excessive affection, compliments, and attention at the beginning of a relationship to gain control or manipulate their emotions.
5.Zombie-ing: When a person who ghosted you suddenly resurfaces and tries to reconnect as if nothing happened.
6.Cushioning: Maintaining contact and flirting with multiple potential romantic partners while in a committed relationship, as a backup in case the relationship fails.
7.Slow fade: Gradually reducing communication and involvement with someone instead of abruptly cutting them off, often resulting in the fading away of the relationship.

8.Breadcrumbing: A person intermittently and casually communicates with someone they are not fully committed to, usually through sporadic text messages or social media interactions. The person who is breadcrumbing keeps the other person interested and engaged without any intention of forming a genuine relationship.

9.Cookie jarring: When someone maintains multiple romantic interests or relationships simultaneously. It involves keeping a backup option or a “cookie jar” of potential partners while being involved with someone else. The person engaging in cookie jarring typically seeks security or validation by ensuring they have other options available.

10.Orbiting: When a person continues to engage with someone on social media (e.g., liking their posts, viewing their stories) after a romantic or personal relationship has ended. It involves maintaining a digital presence in the other person’s orbit without actively participating in their lives or initiating direct communication.

11.Situationship: A term used to describe a romantic or sexual relationship that lacks clear definitions or commitments.

12.Gaslighting: A form of psychological manipulation in which one person manipulates another person’s perception of reality. The gaslighter systematically undermines the other person’s confidence, memory, and sanity, making them doubt their own perceptions and judgments. Gaslighting is often used to gain control, power, or advantage over the targeted individual.

13.Letting go of old relationships, whether that be phone numbers, messages, or even an old t-shirt. Anything that can hold someone back when it comes to dating and from being mentally focussed on the present.
Actively “cobwebbing” one’s environment of the past, can create strong feelings of empowerement and confidence thus helping being open to meeting someone new.