With a cigarette held between her scarlet red lips, Olivia Newton-John electrifies John Travolta in the legendary musical of the 1980s, Grease, with her scandalous rock’n’roll look. A leather jacket, a top with bare shoulders, black spandex pants… an outfit that seems simple but manages to transform the shy Sandy into a femme fatale. To the frenzied rhythm of You’re The One That I Want, Olivia Newton-John gets John Travolta literally at her feet with just one look!

This is the power of leather! Whether real or faux it has the capacity to exude a  “bad” image, something that for better or worse, seems to excite most of us. The leather jacket therefore is, the manifestation of the rock-and-roll AND has always been one of the most relevant and sought-after-items.

Often referred to as the epitome of cool, it’s an extremely versatile item as it matches most of your wardrobe and you can wear it any time of the day. Currently, the leather jacket has a new vintage-esque look and feel. Brands tease makers and street style stars can’t get enough, making it once again the season’s top trend. We would recommend to size up at one or two sizes, to get that slouchy and oversized fit.

And don’t forget…… leather jackets usually get better with wear.

So go on wear it on your next date and let it bring out your rock and roll side!