Winter coating is the latest dating trend for cuffing season

John Doe
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From now until Valentine’s Day it’s officially cuffing season, the time of year where singles scramble to find a partner to hibernate with for the winter. As such, daters may be firing up their dating apps and sliding into DMs in order to find a special someone, even if it’s just to have a warm body to cuddle when the weather outside is frightful.

Additionally, there’s another trend to look out for : “Winter coating.”

Winter coating refers to when people reach out to previous partners during cuffing season in order to nab an easy seasonal partner. Winter coaters may get back in touch with old flames right as the temperature drops, but they’re gone as soon as the snow thaws away in spring.

Due to price hikes and the desire to stay in, winter coating may seem appealing. If an ex comes back into the picture, you won’t have to go through the process of meeting someone new. It’s possible, however, that history may repeat itself with these old flames.