Singles and Holidays: How to have an amazing time even when you don’t have someone to go on holiday with.

John Doe
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The summer holiday season is drawing to an end and we hear holiday stories being related left right and centre. We also often hear the phrase “I want to travel, but I have no friends to travel with”. It’s a simple phrase, easily ignored but it can be a painful one nevertheless.Most of us love travelling. Be it a long-awaited vacation or a simple getaway from the city, the feeling of being on holiday wins our hearts every time. However, although “Holiday” is a word associated with pleasure, the truth is, that whilst some are busy organising their well-worth vacations, for some the prospect of holidaying brings about feelings of disappointment, sadness or even dread. Especially if you happen to be single. For, despite many singles leading enviable lives, with a full social calendar, when it comes to vacations, quite a few are stuck with friends who for one reason or another are not available to holiday with them. Some friends may not be able to go on a holiday or have other commitments. Others just don’t want to travel or like different types of holidays. Some singles, when it comes to holiday time, realise that maybe they don’t have close enough friends they can go on holiday with.So, what can we do if we want to go on holiday but don’t have someone to go with?Turns out, there are so many different ways to travel when you need to rely on yourself to provide you with the opportunity to go on holiday. Plus, can you imagine how much you’d love also finding love while travelling? So let us share with you 6 Key tips that will help you have an amazing holiday and even help you encounter “the One” whilst at it!1. Take yourself on a holiday.Booking your first holiday as a solo traveller can be daunting. But going ahead and doing it can be the best feeling ever. Especially when going abroad you become less shy and more approachable because nothing is holding you back in the new environment. The buzz of meeting new people and forging new friendships, a sense of achievement at pushing your boundaries and being able to go where you want, when you want is not only a liberating experience but also a breakthrough as far as self-development is concerned.2. Don’t be afraid to talk to “strangers”. Especially on a plane. More than half of singles say at some point they’ve struck up a great conversation with a stranger on a plane, and 22 per cent have fallen in love on a trip.3. Use dating apps. Dating apps are not just for home. Using a location-based dating app is a terrific way to meet new people no matter where you are and your chances to meet someone are way higher because you can find a date in your destination city while still being at the airport.4. Surf the net for groups that fit your interests in the destination you want to travel to and plan to go to one of their events. You’ll know you already have something in common with them.5. Book a holiday that includes group activities or walking tours. Regardless of whether or not you’re looking for love, any kind of group activity will introduce you to new people who might be looking for someone new too. 6. Go on a Singles holiday. Meeting new people can be challenging at times, but on a Singles holiday, everything is much easier. You travel with a group of like-minded travellers all geared towards having fun and since everyone around you is also single, your chances of finding love are that much greater. There are plenty of companies that host singles-only holidays anywhere in the world with budgets to suit all pockets.Hopefully, our tips will help you open up beautiful new horizons. Keep in mind that One is an amazing number so make sure you make full use of it!