Healing from a long-term relationship:  The check List to doing it in Style.

John Doe
Relationship tips

Divorce or breakup from a serious long-term relationship can bring about an emotional rollercoaster that can set you off balance and leave you hurt and vulnerable. Even though it is not always possible, focusing on what can be gained from this break up and approaching it with a touch of humor may make the process less challenging.

Below is a list of recommendations that can get you started on your healing process, in style. So, stir up your favorite cocktail and read on.

  1. Divorce Detox Spa Day: Treat yourself to a “Divorce Detox Spa Day.” Imagine cucumber slices on your eyes, a soothing bubble bath, and a relaxing massage. Who needs a partner when you can pamper yourself like royalty? Venturing on this with your BFFs can make your relationship detox process even more enjoyable.
  2. Wardrobe Remix: Time to revamp that wardrobe! Bid adieu to the old “relationship sweatpants” and embrace the joy of shopping for fabulous new outfits. A bit of shopping therapy is always a good idea as clothes can reflect your newfound confidence. So out with the old and in with the new!!
  1. Dating Resume: Create a quirky “Dating Resume.” What kind of partner are you? What are you putting into a relationship? Highlight your skills, interests, and unique talents. After all, who wouldn’t want to date someone with a top-notch pancake-flipping technique or an expert in soothing foot massage?
  2. Fairy Tale Reboot: Imagine your life as a fairy tale reboot. You’re the main character on a quest for self-discovery and maybe, just maybe, a happily ever after.

So, start writing your new plot, imagining what it will be like and how you will be feeling being that fairy tale queen! Fake it till you make it!! You never know, fairy tales do come true.

  1. Dating App Adventures: Dive into dating apps with a sense of humour. Swipe left on the serious faces and right on those who appreciate a well-timed joke. It’s like shopping for potential partners in the ultimate virtual mall.
  2. BFF Mode: Approach dating like you’re hiring for the role of “Best Friend Forever.” You wouldn’t hire someone without checking their references, right? So, get to know your potential BFF (Best Flirting Friend) candidates thoroughly before you “commit” to anything new.
  3. Playlist Therapy: Create a “Getting Back Out There” playlist filled with empowering tunes. Belt out those lyrics like you’re auditioning for a reality TV singing competition. Bonus points for dance moves.
  4. Dinner Date for One: Embrace solo dinner dates with enthusiasm. Enjoy a fancy homemade meal, light some candles, and engage in captivating conversations with yourself. Who needs a partner when you’re your own excellent company?
  5. Dating Safari: Think of dating as a safari adventure. You’re out in the wild, observing the fascinating behaviours of potential partners. Just remember, no need to wrestle with any wild animals during your journey!

Choose your prey with your “appetite” in mind!

Remember, laughter is an excellent healer, and finding the humour in your journey can make the process of healing and dating again much more enjoyable. Embrace the adventure and keep your sense of humour as you navigate this exciting new chapter!