10 Ways to Respond to a Cancelled Date (Plus Common Excuses) By Dating Expert

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It sucks when you get all excited to finally go on a date with someone only to get a message telling you that they can’t go out tonight especially if it happens last minute.
Flaking is quite common when meeting people online so don’t be surprised if 20%-30% of your dates cancel on you.
How should you respond to a canceled date? Should you ask if they want to reschedule or should you just say okay and wait for them to come up with a new timing? There are many reasons why your date might cancel on you. It is possible that something unexpected happened and they can’t make it.
However, it is also possible that they decided not to go out with you.
In any case, it is important to stay cool and not get too emotional if someone cancels on you.
Let’s take a look at the most common excuses people use to cancel a date and how you can respond to them.

Excuse #1
Hey, I can’t make it tonight. I am not feeling well.

Don’t immediately think that your date is just making up excuses because it is possible that they are actually sick and telling you the truth. Don’t jump to any conclusions.

Reply: Sorry to hear that. Let’s reschedule for some other time when you feel better.

Example #2
Something came up. Sorry I will not be able to meet up today

This sounds like a typical excuse when canceling on someone. In a case like this, don’t accuse your date of lying but at the same time don’t expect too much from them going forward.

Reply: Okay let me know when you are free next time and we will reschedule.

Example #3
I am out of town tonight and can’t make it. Sorry about it.

This one sounds like another excuse that your date might use if they don’t want to meet you anymore.

Reply: Okay maybe some other time then.

Example #4
It was nice texting with you, but I don’t think going on this date is a good idea at this point.

If you spent some time texting before your date, it is possible that your conversation became boring or one of you realized that there is no chemistry and there is no point going ahead with a date.
Don’t feel bitter if you get a reply like this. Yes, it sucks but why waste your time on someone who thinks that the two of you will not work out before meeting you in person.

Reply: No worries nice talking to you. Have fun. Bye!

Example #5
Hey, sorry for waiting so long to message you but I don’t think this will work out. Take care!

Basically, this means that your date changed her mind about meeting you either because she met someone else or realized it was a mistake to agree to go on a date in the first place.

Reply: Thanks for being honest with me. Hope you find what you are looking for. Bye!

Example #6
Hey, my parents/friends have a medical emergency. Sorry, but I can’t meet you today.

Medical emergencies do happen so don’t assume that your date is trying to flake. Be understanding and propose to meet up some other time.

Reply: I hope everything is okay. No worries. Let’s meet up some other time.

Example #7
Sorry I have to work tonight and can’t meet you.

Based on this message, it is not always easy to determine if your date is lying or not. Depending on where she works it is possible that her boss asked her to stay longer at work.

Reply: No worries. When would you like to reschedule?

Example #8
Hey, I need to help out my parents today and will not be able to make it tonight.

This sounds like an excuse to avoid the date. If she really wanted to meet you, she would probably suggest some other time to meet up on the same day.

Reply: Hope everything is okay. We can reschedule for next week.

Example #9
My dog is sick I will need to stay behind to take care of it. Sorry about the late text.

Some breeds do seem to get sick pretty often so don’t assume anything and instead suggest to reschedule for some other time.

Reply: I hope your dog is okay. We can meet up next time. Take care!

Example #10:
I completely forgot that I have my appointment today and I can’t move it. Sorry about it.

This is another pretty lame excuse to avoid meeting you.

Reply: Okay I am free next week. Let me know if Friday or Saturday works for you.