Book: The Hands-On Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home

By Christina Newberry
2009 Views Report

While it’s nice to think that families with adult children living with parents can always get along like they do on TV, the fact is that having adult children return home – also called boomerang kids – can put a ton of stress on you, your partner, and the rest of your family.

As an adult who has successfully lived with her parents after leaving home – twice – author Christina Newberry has learned a few key strategies. She’s taken these winning strategies – along with a few mistakes – and combined them with proven communication tools and in-depth research to develop this step-by-step guide to surviving (and thriving!) when your child returns.

But advice is only one part of the formula. You’ll also need some practical, hands-on tools to help you put this advice into action, and see immediate results. This book comes with an exclusive 8-page customizable “Under One Roof” contract template to settle common challenges like rent, household rules, and length of stay, plus a fully-customizable household budget calculator that helps you determine your boomerang kid’s impact on your household budget, and lets you assign a portion of the current costs – or the total additional costs – of having them live under your roof.

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