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Headed up by Nikita Gulhane, a course with Spice Monkey will give you the tools and confidence to create your own great tasting dishes time and again.
Nik has a wealth of experience gathered over many years having worked with some of the biggest names in food publishing and TV.
Nikita’s food background encompasses political and journalistic interests, having worked on food policy issues for DEFRA, and making documentaries and reporting about food for BBC Radio, including Radio 4’s ‘The Food Programme’. He also spent many years working in Bistros and French restaurants as well as feeding some of the biggest names in rock and pop, from BB King to The Pogues, The Ramones to Simply Red.
Each course revolves around preparing a complete Indian meal. We always teach 5 items and you don’t have to be a culinary whizz or know the first thing about spices. Step by step we’ll unlock the secrets of combining the aromatic spices at the heart of each dish. It’s all hands on with the reward of a fantastic meal to finish.
The day is all about learning the essential techniques to make your cooking instinctive and adaptable but Spice Monkey courses are also about meeting new people, having fun, cooking and talking about … food.

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Spice Monkey 191 Victoria Road London N22 7XH

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