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I’m Dan Caren and I am a professional actor and acting coach.
I have always wanted to be an actor. Since I was 10 years old that has been my dream and I am still working hard to achieve all that I want to in this world.
I studied Drama at Queen Mary’s College and then went on to be awarded a scholarship at Arts Ed in West London, where I attained my degree in Acting.
Whilst training, I fell in love with sharing my experience and knowledge with young people. I started teaching at West London Drama Training, a theatre school for young people, when I was 19, where I am now the Head Of Acting.
I was fortunate to work for a high profile casting director during my twenties and am currently working at a boutique talent agency as an associate agent, helping to nurture and guide actors careers.
I have been and continue to be involved with the leading London drama schools like Central, LAMDA and Arts Ed where I have helped with auditions, graduating students and finding actors good agents.
As an actor I have appeared in feature films and award winning television shows and I have had the privilege of acting alongside BAFTA and Emmy Award winners. 

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