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London Cookery School runs Dim Sum Cooking Classes and Sushi Making Classes in London. 

Your chef and teacher will take you through each recipe in easily followed steps, so you’ll have no problem recreating the dishes time and time again back in your own kitchen!

If you’re looking for a really unique gift for a foodie in London, or you just want to add some really exciting new recipes to your own repertoire of meals, you’ll absolutely love our Dim Sum Cooking Classes and Sushi making Classes in London!

We want to share our knowledge with as many people as possible. 

Cooking classes are fun and we really enjoy teaching. We love it when students learn something, not only about the class, but often they learn something about themselves. Some truly surprise themselves when they finish the class with something that’s not only tasty but also beautiful and they know they have to skills to make it again.

Knowledge truly is a gift that lasts a lifetime!

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​London Cookery School, TOWER HOUSE, 149 Fonthill Road, London, N4 3HF

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