Book: How To Get Rid Of Social Media Addiction: The Symptoms And Way Forward In 30 Proven Steps: Detox From Social Network Platforms, Internet Community, And … Food Addiction, Gambling, Shopping)

By Anthea Peries
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This book addresses common questions about social media addiction;
it tackles the pros and cons of social media, its shadowy dangers. Protect your kids especially from cyberbullying, trolls and stalking. What are the links between social media and depression, anxiety and loneliness, the impact on relationships?
In this book, you will discover numerous proven ways on how to curb or quit social media
and acquire fresh alternatives, plus more.
Take charge and get your life back!
This book is for anyone, it is an ideal reference guide for parents with kids, teens and adults in general; men and women.
It can be read by section in any order or sequentially.

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