Beautifully illustrated throughout by the author, Gaydar is divided into ten gay sections, including everything from gayspeak to gaywork to gayhouse to gaysport, and much more. Gaydar takes a playful look at the ins and outs of gay life while serving as an indispensable guide to shopping, traveling, nightclubbing, dining, working, and what it means to be “part of the team.” If you’re the average straight reader, don’t expect miracles, but if you’re willing, this book will help you discover innate perceptive skills long buried in the gay parts of your mind and body. Now, if you’re gay, you’ll be certain to find Gaydar the perfect companion for honing your gaydar sensors, rediscovering old tricks—and even finding some new ones.

According to author Donald F. Reuter, gaydar is the telepathic sixth sense that only gay men—and the occasional ultra-savvy straight person—seem to possess. But ultimately, its main function is to help gay men recognize one another in situations involving the general straight population.

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