At easyWoo, we believe that there are plenty of people in the world who are compatible with you; the challenge is finding the best possible match for you. Within the easyWoo platform, we help you discover your perfect mate by matching you based on your personality profile, relationship goals, and compatibility preferences. Whether you’re looking for friendship or a long-term relationship, easyWoo is here to help, and for free.

We at easyWoo are not only interested in finding the most compatible matches for you, but we also want to help you develop a healthy relationship with those matches by offering tips and advice on how to create and maintain a successful relationship so that you can enjoy your life with whoever is suitable for you.

We are proud to be a member of the Easy Family of Brands, and we abide by their ethical framework and long history of services. Therefore, we provide our members with a safe environment to find their match.

We take your privacy and security very seriously while helping you find the relationship you seek. We use the latest technologies, tools, and techniques to ensure a safe relationship support environment.

Being part of the easy Family of brands and their ethical value system further safeguards your personal information.

easyWoo dating and social support app aims to match users based on compatibility.

We use artificial intelligence to study the personality of our members and match them with others who are compatible. We are diligent and strive to ensure that easyWoo does not contain fake accounts so that our algorithms can deliver the most compatible matches possible in a trusted and safe environment.

We use cutting-edge technology to combat fraud and ensure that the profiles in easyWoo are genuine. If you believe that a profile on our site is not authentic, please get in touch with Customer Care.

The easyWoo dating app is gender and sexual-orientation-neutral. Whether you identify as straight, gay, bisexual, polyamorous, pansexual, nonbinary, transexual, or any other way you identify, we welcome you to use our platform. Love and intimate relationships are for all of us regardless of how we identify ourselves! The easyWoo platform is safe and open to people of all backgrounds.

We are committed to creating a diverse, inclusive community that embraces and encourages diversity and do not tolerate discrimination.

easyWoo is a dating and social support app that only works for people over the legal age of 18.

easyWoo is a dating platform that puts quality before quantity. Our team is here to help you achieve your relationship goals, whatever they are. Whether you want to find love, a casual date, or a friend, we’ve got you covered; we have compatible matches waiting to meet you.

Need some relationship advice? Are you looking for romantic date ideas? Looking for ways to boost your self-esteem? Need lifestyle recommendations? Here at easyWoo, we give you all of these and more so that you can increase your matching probabilities with individuals that are compatible with you!

Yes, it is free! We offer everything you can expect from other dating services and more, but we will never ask you to pay. We ask service providers to pay rather than you.

  • Unlimited matches
  • Use of all communication tools
  • Unlimited messaging
  • View unlimited photos
  • Personality and Relationship Profile Report
  • Detailed Care Plan
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Access to easyWoo Guide

You match on easyWoo straight away.  Our matching algorithm is our “secret recipe.” It helps us match compatible individuals based on their personality traits, preferences, needs, and relationship goals. Our highly trained psychologists created these algorithms to match you based on similarities, differences, and personality traits provided in your report.

Once you’ve taken the easyWoo Quiz, our algorithms will assess your information and generate an individualized Relationship Profile Report and a Personalized “Care Plan” with suggestions on improving any potential difficulties you might be facing, such as a breakup, confidence issues, or relationship anxiety. Our compatibility matching algorithms will then provide you with compatible individuals for free.

After taking the easyWoo Quiz, users receive the easyWoo Relationship Profile Report that includes a “Care Plan.” This personalized Plan features a list of professional resources the user can use to address relationship difficulties and increase their matching probabilities with compatible individuals.

Yes, you can retake the easyWoo Quiz as often as you want. We think it’s best to take it when you have plenty of time and answer spontaneously, so your easyWoo Relationship Profile will represent who you indeed are. You may want to retake the easyWoo Quiz if your relationship goals have changed or if we’ve helped you evolve, if you’ve repositioned your relationship goals or if you’re on your path to meeting them.

You don’t need to retake the easyWoo Quiz unless you want to!

Once new compatible matches appear on easyWoo, we’ll let you know.

You do not need to retake the test unless your circumstances have changed, either by following the suggestions within the Relarionship Profile Report or if your needs and wants have shifted.

Unlike other dating apps, easyWoo is free! easyWoo generates an in-depth Relationship Profile Report. The Report provides insight into what type of person you are and what difficulties you may face when connecting with new people. It’s Care Plan offers a pool of professional resources that you can utilize to tackle self-improvement goals and solve any relationship difficulties to increase matching probabilities with compatible individuals.

We store your Relationship Profile Report securely in our platform. To access your documents, log in to easyWoo, click User Dashboard and then click My Reports. From there, you can download your reports onto your device.

Log in to easyWoo, then click on the drop-down menu from your picture on the top-right. Choose User Dashboard and go to My easyReports.

You will find all reports generated over time sorted by the most recent.

Log in to easyWoo and click on your picture on the top-right. Then click on My Dashboard.

On your Dashboard page, click on My Relationship Profile Reports and choose the report you want to read in the format and language you prefer. On the top right, you’ll find an arrow icon to download the easy report and a printer icon for printing it.

Our easyWoo Quiz and our AI analysis aim to match you primarily based on your relationship goals and preferences, as well as your personality traits and strong and weak points. If you find that your Relationship Profile Report does not represent you accurately enough, maybe you should consider retaking our easyWoo Quiz and providing our algorithm with more accurate information regarding yourself, the characteristics of your ideal mate, and your relationship goals.

On the other hand, things can change. If you realize that you need to alter your preferences to be matched with someone more compatible with you, or if you have changed in ways that affect your compatibility with certain types of people, then it is time to retake the easyWoo Quiz.

You can generate your new Relationship Profile Report by going to your Dashboard, clicking on My Relationship Profile Reports, and then Generate New Report.

easy matches can appear at any time! As new members join our database and take our easyWoo Quiz, we will send you more matches. Therefore, keep revisiting easyWoo, as you never know when your perfect match will appear!

We at easyWoo believe in quality over quantity, as our matchmaking process is based on your personality, preferences, and relationship goals. Once you complete your easy quiz and press “Match me,” all compatible individuals found in our pool of easy Wooers will appear, sorted by our easyWoo compatibility score. Your journey begins by viewing the most compatible individuals and following your easyReport suggestions.

The easyWooer’s compatibility score is how our algorithms evaluate how good of a match you may be with other easyWooers. Our in-depth analysis of your persona and every other easyWooer allows us to identify potential matches that we believe can lead to a successful relationship.

We match you primarily based on your Relationship Profile Report, which in turn, is determined by our AI analysis of the answers to your easy quiz.

Personality, relationship goals, life experiences, types of relationships that interest you, and sexual orientation determine your compatibility score with others on our platform.

The easyWoo Guide is a global index created by easyWoo. It is an ultimate guide to the most comprehensive list of services relating to relationships. The easyWoo Guide covers a broad area of interests and services such as specialists, hobbies, entertainment venues and many more.